Last week of freedom!

Quick up date…

Hey guys, we have one more week of freedom before school starts back up. By Gods amazing power Aaron is set to start at Tarleton next week. There is no way we explain how quicly this process took place, we know it was all God.

I will be starting at UTA, my last semester as a junior! Im getting really excited about student teaching next year, it is just around the corner. Im so excited, just came back fromĀ  a road trip, an amazing one, I was covered by so I was excited to go !

Please pray for Aaron as he starts at a new school and is trying to finish his undergrad in a year. Pray for both of us, as working and going to school is never easy, and last please pray for us as we are getting closer to graduating we are going to have to make life decisions that we are guided to the right decisions.

Thanks for all of yalls support and prays.