Last week of freedom!

Quick up date…

Hey guys, we have one more week of freedom before school starts back up. By Gods amazing power Aaron is set to start at Tarleton next week. There is no way we explain how quicly this process took place, we know it was all God.

I will be starting at UTA, my last semester as a junior! Im getting really excited about student teaching next year, it is just around the corner. Im so excited, just came back from  a road trip, an amazing one, I was covered by so I was excited to go !

Please pray for Aaron as he starts at a new school and is trying to finish his undergrad in a year. Pray for both of us, as working and going to school is never easy, and last please pray for us as we are getting closer to graduating we are going to have to make life decisions that we are guided to the right decisions.

Thanks for all of yalls support and prays.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year…

I hope everyone had a wonderful and blessed time with family and friends for Christmas. Aaron and I are pleased to announce a new family member was born on October 13, and we have another sweet nephew to spoil. Mark David Jacobs was 10lb 3oz and 22in long. He is Emily’s brother’s son and we were able to spend time with them during the holidays.

Christmas Eve we spent the day with Aaron’s parents. We celebrated Christmas with Emily’s dads side of the family Christmas night and her moms side of the family Monday night. Even though we are on break from school I feel as we are still busy busy busy. We are finally getting to settle down and relax before our busy school schedules start up again.

We have a few exciting upcoming events mainly going to the rodeo like we do every year. Will up day with pictures as these events come along.

Love y’all,

The Christiansen’s

Back up and running…

After a few months down, we are back up and running. I don’t have long to update. Nothing much has changed except Aaron got ACCEPTED TO TARLETON!!! we were so excited and went to celebrate the night it happened. We are still both on track and in school. We are very thankful for everything God has brought to us and everything he has made work out. We worry all the time, and wonder “What is God trying to do?” But every time this happens everything all ways works out!

Another update, we picked up a new hobby. We now are into saltwater fish tanks. I LOVE LOVE them, they are so peaceful.

God Bless,

Aaron and Emily